Tomorrow’s doctors come from every walk of life, bringing a huge range of knowledge, capabilities and values with them. As a graduate-entry medical student at Warwick Medical School, I’m surrounded by so many inspiring individuals with degrees from art history to neuroscience. Some have swum for England while others served on army tours abroad. And we’re all here together.

Faces of Medicine is a photography series created to showcase the variety of people and backgrounds that make up graduate-entry medicine at Warwick University, which accepts applicants with any degree qualification. I plan to photograph them each year to see how their portraits and feelings about medicine change over time. In four years or fewer, all these faces could be doctors within the NHS – and I’m curious about their journeys alongside mine.

For Faces of Medicine, I wanted to know…

  • What their degrees were in (to understand their expertise coming in)

  • What their proudest achievement was (to get a taste of their background & interests)

  • What medical specialty interests them now (to see how or if their interests change over time)

  • What they see the biggest challenge over the next year will be (to find out how they overcome it)

The First Years

The Second Years

I originally planned to start this project last year, featuring students alongside me at the start of my first year. Unfortunately the nature of a four-year accelerated medicine course means that the first year of pre-clinical learning is particularly intense, with the first few weeks especially busy. But it’s the very beginning I’m interested in capturing, so I can contrast it with the following years. It all fell into place this year and I was even able to feature some now-second-years’ whom I have spent the last year learning, suffering and celebrating alongside.