I found myself on a nude art workshop in London, ten hours after my original shoot plan fell through and I went on a mission to find another model. I’ve always been interested in the beauty, sensuality and challenge of fine art nude photography, so I couldn’t miss out.

Not really knowing what to expect, having never photographed anything like it before, I rocked up at Calumet on Drummond Street. Portrait photographer Rory Lewis led the workshop, with the stunning Jordan Ebbitt modelling for us. The day focussed around lighting and posing, and experimenting with low and high key photography.

I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed low key, shadowy lighting. I always thought of my style as rather bright, colourful and optimistic…but now, well, we’ll see. Jordan was phenomenal to work with – throwing out some stunning poses and always knowing exactly what I wanted from my direction. I’d love to work with her again. I have a new found love for the studio too – something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Its amazing what can be achieved from even one light.

We wrapped up the day with some drinks and dinner at a nearby pub, because thats how its done in London. I desperately want to move there and immerse myself in the buzz. The opportunity to be around people like that every day? Bring it on!

Its so true when they say you never stop learning. It seems a few new paths may have opened up in my photography life. I’m intrigued to find out where they go.


Matthew Thompson – photographer
Jordan Ebbitt – model & makeup