Kirsty has quickly become one of my best friends at Warwick Medical School.

Two years ahead of me on the course, she will become a doctor within a year. She’s my great-aunt in my medical family tree (a valuable support system), my talented climbing buddy and always there when I need help with or an escape from medicine. But before this, she was a medical photographer, makeup artist and model so it was no surprise we wound up good mates. Her fantastic moulage skills make our emergency medical simulations that much more real, and so much better for me to photograph.

She recently chose to shave her head and raise money for Macmillan’ Cancer Support; gifting her hair to the Little Princess Trust to be made into wigs. Her Brave the Shave raised almost £600.

To commemorate her inspiring achievement and stunning new look, we spent the hottest day of 2019 photographing with glitter and some of her Georgia Hardinge outfits in her garden. The glitterhead look is my favourite. Which is yours?


Matthew Thompson – photographer
Kirsty – model, makeup & styling