A Mexican sunset is a truly beautiful sight to behold. Especially so when Kristina is involved.

Back in January, we were staying in the stunning Gran Bahia Principe Coba, just south of Cancun on the west coast of Mexico. Two weeks of sun, sea and all-inclusive food. It was spectacular.

One afternoon, Kristina and I followed the waterline from resort-to-resort. One of the great things about Mexico from a tourist’s point of view, is that there are technically no private beaches. Sure, access may be restricted by private ground, but you could theoretically walk from Texas to Belize with your toes in the water. Before long, we reached the end of the resorts, sunbeds and sand, and began wandering along a tiny path through the brush and pebbles.

We were only around one bend, 5 minutes from the cocktails, and it was deserted. Not another human in sight. We felt like we were in our own slice of paradise. We found another bay, and sat down together. We watched the sun slowly descend over the ocean, before settling just behind a patch of trees. The only sounds were those of the birds, and the waves lapping against the shore. It was for the best I didn’t have my camera that day. I know I would have only gone and ruined that perfect moment together.

It would be impossible to measure the appreciation and gratitude I have for this beautiful girl. She agreed to yet again give up another afternoon of relaxation, to go back to our little ‘deserted island’ and model for me as the sun went down. In my defence, how can you argue with such a stunning combination? Especially when you see the final collection.


Matthew Thompson – photographer
Kristina Nikitina – model, makeup & styling