120 days of awesome

Finally some precious rest and recuperation. As awesome as Keele University is, I relished that month at home in Milton Keynes. The absurd amounts of sleep, and days sat in coffee shops gave me the chance to look at my photography with fresh eyes, and plan some pretty sweet projects for when I came back to 'The Bubble'.

You may have noticed the lack of concepts, and lots of photos of my dogs and family. Truth be told, I left my tripod/remote at Uni which ruled out self-portraits and lack of a car limited where I could explore. Hopefully you all didn't mind some cute images of Honey and Polly in the meanwhile!

There were three days that stood out; days 104, 109 and 117. Day 104 saw 'Lilly in London', where I spent the afternoon photographing Lilly for her 18th birthday. Her sister and friends had secretly organised for me to meet them and take some portraits across the capital. Admittedly a little ambitious with our location choices, we spent over half the time travelling between scenes. It wasn't all bad as the weather was gorgeous for the first time in months! The time spent shooting was far from wasted though, and we produced some beautiful pieces that Lilly will hopefully cherish for years to come! 

Day 109 taught me some very valuable business lessons. I'd travelled back to Keele for the weekend to cover a celebratory event, but began the afternoon photographing a friend mountain biking on the nearby trails. That evening saw me being messed around by the event organiser, who initially claimed to have cancelled me, without actually informing me. Miscommunication and poor organising on the event planner's part led me to eventually take matters into my own hands, after hours of increasingly bewildering information and no photos taken. I learnt some very valuable lessons that evening from a lovely couple, that I'll definitely be taking forward in my business!

Day 117 saw Issy and I take on London Zoo, where we had a truly epic day! Highly recommend it! There were so many weird and wonderful creatures to photograph, I almost ran out of battery. It seemed the cheeky little monkeys also suffered from Gear Acquisition Syndrome, taking some very close looks at my camera. I'll be uploading more photos as time goes on.

Aside these particular highlights, its not been the most eventful month, but for that I'm glad. May is already chokablock with events to cover, exams to sit and study trips to embark on. But the plans I have for June are incredible if I pull them off. I seriously cannot wait. I can't believe I've made it to triple digits either! 120 photos...thats incredible! It's already becoming very tough coming up with unique images every day, but a challenge I refuse to give up on! If you have any suggestions for concepts/themes/ideas/emotions that you'd love to see depicted in my 365 days of awesome, please leave a comment below!


101/365 Looking back

104/365 Lilly in London

109/365 Dirt Jump

113/365 Spring Sunset

117/365 Cheeky Monkey