Welcome to MGThompson Photography!

"Photographing people and the awesome things they do, is what I do."

Hey! How's it going? Welcome to MGThompson Photography!

I'm a photographer in the UK who loves capturing people and events, and travels whenever I get the chance. Right now I'm completing my "365 days of awesome" where I'm producing a new photo every day this year, pushing my creative, communication, execution and post-processing skills to the max to ensure totally fresh images through 2013. I have a feeling this year is going to be massive for me.

Some of you who already know me, may be confused about the abrupt brand change from Dimensions Images, which I did business under from 2010-2012. I felt it was the right time to change my photography brand, from a technical, edgy face, to a more personal identity. I can actually inject some of my positive, outgoing personality into MGThompson Photography, and hopefully make you see and feel the way I do through my photos and writing.

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This new website and blog will hopefully showcase my expanding portfolio and insights into the photography world, and I really hope you enjoy checking it out! Drop me a message or comment below with what you think!

Take it easy!

Until Facebook allows me to change it, my Facebook page will remain Dimensions Images. You can still access my old tumblr blog here too!