Hannah and Rhiannon

I met Hannah and Rhiannon on day 22 of my 365 days of awesome. I'd almost given up looking for an interesting subject, and for some reason decided to turn around while walking home. I saw these two girls with just the look I had been out searching for, wrapped up in winter jumpers but donning sunglasses in the gorgeous sunshine. I ran up and explained to them about my project, and thankfully they were more than happy to model! I took a few shots before asking if they'd like to model for a longer shoot in the following days, which they were up for! Sweet!

Two days later we met outside Keele Hall; that oh-so-famous manor house on campus that I've had the pleasure of photographing a few thousand times. The weather was beautiful, with the low sun glistening off the snow. Starting off with a quick snowball fight to get to know each other, the girls quickly got relaxed in front of the camera. The empty fields behind the hall provided an awesome setting, especially with the backdrop of the setting sun throwing shadows further than we could launch snowballs. They were brilliant models; happy to sit in the snow until they were frozen, offer fun suggestions and pose exactly as I wanted. 

The light died out quicker than we'd hoped for, and the cold began to set in, so we warmed up with a drink in the KPA while I showed them my portfolio and heard about Hannah's antics as a runway model in Bermuda. Definitely an awesome shoot that I had loads of fun on, and I'm already looking forward to the next shoot with them! Cheers girls! I'll probably upload a few more photos soon...