Specular & Kryolan

Final image by Specular

Way back on the 8th August 2012, I assisted the awesome Chris Davis (AKA Specular) on his shoot with Kryolan, a massive professional make-up manufacturer. On hand to create their 2013 Trend Look, was Chris (photographer), Charlotte Girdwood (model), Lan Nguyen-Grealis (make up), Joey Bevan (stylist) and a few others; including me photographing behind-the-scenes.

This was a far cry from the previous two shoots I'd assisted Chris on. It was a much bigger team with a definite direction, prepared in the basement and shot on the floor of a top make-up shop in Covent Garden, London. It was fascinating watching this process, as I'd only seen male model shoots before; the care and decision making going into creating Charlotte's look was phenomenal. Joey was a great laugh as always, and Chris produced some beautiful images that I'd have been proud to show in my portfolio straight off his camera! 

In the end, three looks took the better part of 8 hours (it didn't help they needed to dye Charlotte's hair), but I loved and learnt something every minute. This is definitely the style of photography I'd love to create one day. I must thank Chris for the awesome opportunities he gave me last year!

I've dropped a few photos I took through the day, just below. They're black and white so I don't reveal the rest of the colours/style of the trendlook which is still to be released through the year. Enjoy! There's an awesome BTS video by Paul Bates for you to check out here too!