KeeleSU Elections

One year ago, I was running for President of my Students' Union. This is a full-blown election, with manifestos, Hustings speeches and campaign teams; all geared towards finding the full-time sabbatical officers to actually run the SU over the next year. I unfortunately didn't win, but it was a crazy experience and I was happy enough to start my Masters! I also still have time for my photography now, so it was probably a good thing!

Anyway, a year on, I was asked to photograph the new, fresh faced, naive candidates for publicity material, before the stresses of the next month kick in (totally worth it though). Originally asked to produce head-shots in the Hunger Games style, the idea was changed at the last minute to be similar to my 'half-finished' style, with the face illuminated against the darkness. A few problems stood in my way at first, but with the brilliant help of my assistant Shane and some creative stalling, I produced some great images for the SU and candidates to use. You should soon see them plastered across KeeleSU's website and walls, but here's a sneak peak in the meantime.

Matt ThompsonComment