31 days of awesome

January is over, and I've completed 31 of my 365 days of awesome (see the album here!) It's already starting to get tough, but I'm loving it! I started the project to push myself to create more images, and capture a memory from each day that I can look back on. That's why the first week was dominated with art showing my feelings of stress over essays and exams here at uni (masters is hard!). Although ecstatic with those images, I think I set the bar quite high! It's been a challenge to match the quality since; but a challenge I want to sink my teeth into! Unfortunately not every day is filled with adrenaline, indulgent happiness or, thankfully, stress, which is why it's sometimes hard to produce equally emotive images.

I'm following some other amazing photographers, notably Alix Rae (who finished her 365 recently, and is now doing a beautiful 52 week project), George Arnaldo (who astounds me every day with his imaginative concepts) and Kamila Gornia (who recently changed to the 52 project, but continues to amaze me every week). I already owe them so much for inspiration and the drive to produce art as good as theirs. That's one area of photography I continue to love - the community around what we do.

It's been a crazy month, with sitting my first postgraduate exams and major essays, rebranding Dimensions Images to MGThompson Photography complete with new website, driving my photography business on campus, photographing 'James Bond' in an Aston Martin DB9, chilling with my best and new friends, and trying to come up with some idea of what I want to do with the rest of my life...as usual. I even opened my first Flickr account! Oh, and I'm judging the Three Counties Photography competition next week with a very successful, famous photographer. Sweet!

I've already got a feeling it's going to be an insane year, especially for my photography, and I hope I can capture it well enough to show you all! Only 334 days/photos to go (wow thats a lot)! Hope you all are awesome. Take it easy!