59 days of awesome

February has been a crazy yet awesome month! I've been meaning to write more entries, but life has an annoying habit of getting in the way. I can ecstatically say that my photography is really taking off, with more commissioned work around Keele campus than ever. Only down side is that most jobs aren't as creative as I'd like them to be, but I'm hoping I can change that in time! Also, this epic website is just over 1 month old and already had over 3000 hits! Thats incredible! *high five!*

Matt, you really are a slave to your work!
— Danny Walker, KeeleSU VP Finance elect

Anyway, what've I been up to? Besides leaving some masters essays until the last minute and losing days at a time, my life has been revolving around my camera and mates. As well as some more mundane photo requests, like covering interviews or unveilings, I've photographed bars in exchange for steak, and all the KeeleSU election candidates for university-wide advertising. I've journeyed to the freezing north of Liverpool for another photohunt with my society, ending up in possibly the strangest bar I've ever seen but with the best hot dogs ever! I've almost taken my eye out with a spark while spinning wire wool for one of my workshops, all in the pursuit to produce some freakin' awesome images! I've been a judge in a major photography competition (Three Counties Open Photography Exhibition), alongside Mike Maloney C.B.E. who's a legend in the press photography world! And I had probably the closest feeling to working at the Olympics I'll get, by having my photographs uploaded minutes after each KeeleSU election result was unveiled.

56/365 Let's play with fire

Two months in, I'm already starting to feel more confident in my photography. I'm slowly refining my style, and think I'm improving every day, developing a brand identity I can be really proud of. I certainly learn something new every day! Day 58 saw my favourite image of Keele I've ever taken! After four years and thousands of images, surely thats cause for celebration?! To quote another student while I was creating today's night exposure of the SU, wrapped up in 5 layers and shooting 30 six-second images,  I 'really am a slave to my work'. Wouldn't have it any other way though!

58/365 The Concourse

March is going to be an insane 31 days! Deadlines galore amongst the busiest photography schedule I've seen.  I'm 2 days away from shooting my tattoo project! I can't wait! It's going to put my portraiture, organisation, direction and studio skills under the spotlight. I won't reveal any more for now, but I promise the results should be pretty awesome! Can't wait to get stuck in! I'm even shooting the Keele Medics Fashion Show tonight! Promise I'll update here much more often!  Take it easy.