90 days of awesome

Somehow, by the grace of Nikon, I've survived March which was even busier than February! Coming into this month, I knew my university deadlines would pose a challenge; and they didn't disappoint. For those of you who don't know, I'm studying for an MA in International Business, which takes up a lot of my time and sleepless nights. You'd think after four years at university, and over 60 assignments, I'd have learnt to start writing more than 48hrs before the deadline. Apparently not. Still, that hasn't stopped my photography alongside the occasional race against time.

Without doubt, the highlight of March has been Academink! On the 4th, I photographed fourteen awesome students with their tattoos for a personal project, in an attempt to break the stigma of young people with body art. I highly recommend you check out my images and article here, which I'm hopefully going to build on in June! It all ran beautifully, and I was able to thank each model with a wonderful print from Digitalab. I learnt so much from that one afternoon, that I can't wait to apply to future shoots! As a result, one of the models has been contacted by other photographers and an alternative clothing line! So psyched for her!

Scarlett, posing for Academink

Scarlett, posing for Academink

The rest of this crazy month has been made up of brilliant little events. I covered the Bar Society's prestigious dining and networking event, imaging Keele's top future lawyers. I produced some advertising images for EvSec on a cold, wet saturday morning. I captured the winning dance team in the one routine I saw at Keele's Dance Show. After being held back by a deadline, I made up for not covering Varsity by photographing the evenings emotions and celebrations at the SU; after Keele won its huge sporting competition against rivals Staffs Uni for the fourth year running. Only last wednesday saw me photograph KeeleSU's Easter Ball and Ms Dynamite on stage; who has since begun following me on Twitter and complimenting my images! Always appreciated! I even managed to pack in two 15 minute shoots on Monday with Alyss and Scarlett - creating some beautiful pastel grunge scenes!

I've invested in a fantastic mini printer to produce prints at future events. We photographers, notoriously, don't print as many of our images as we'd like, so hopefully that'll change! I've also been denied a big corporate job, which I wrote about in Silver Linings. My mind has now focussed on making the best I can out of MGThompson Photography; and hopefully the start of a great professional career. Perhaps I'll be using that printer a lot more than I originally thought!

And after all that, I've still managed to capture some of my favourite images of Keele University in the ever changing weather!  Is it surprising I'm a bit tired? No? Well, I freakin loved every minute...besides those writing assignments. I even wrote my 2000 word branding essay on the brand positions of Canon vs Nikon. Photography on the brain much? Those eagle eyed among you, may have noticed I've changed my website a tad! I love it! Far closer to the style I've been looking for (cheers Squarespace).

Wow, I didn't realise it was that much until I've just written it down. Not even sure I've got it all. It really has been a crazy month, and I'm glad to be taking some R&R at home in Milton Keynes during April. I really hope you've enjoyed my images so far, as much as I've had creating them! Please leave a comment below with what you think of my progress so far, and the new website design. Cheers all! Hope you've had an epic March and Easter! Take it easy.