Alix Rae comes to visit

There are many photographers across the world whom I admire. Alix Rae is one of these. I found her relatively new Facebook page over a year ago, when it was shared by Karrah Kobus; another brilliant artist I've followed for years. From then, I've seen her style develop and her fans rocket in number. We had a few conversations here and there, but I had no idea just how lovely she was until I met her yesterday in London.

Travelling from Minnesota, USA, with another fantastic photographer Aminda Villa, they're touring England and Ireland for two months. They've organised and racked up more shoots in the last few weeks, than I have in the last year. Alix was wonderfully inspiring, reminding me why I started photography and where I want to go with it.

We met at Camden Town station, before grabbing a coffee and taking a walk to Regents Park. Perching on a massive jungle-gym, we geeked out on photography talk and comparing american vs. british lives. Following a delicious Pizza Express lunch, we made our way to Westminster to check out the London Eye and Houses of Parliament. Alix couldn't help but photograph a few strangers and couples along the way, sometimes completely forgetting she was a tourist and not just a photographer. With the sun beginning to set across the river, London couldn't have looked more gorgeous. After a final Starbucks, where Alix gave me her expert recommendations on the caramel macchiato, we headed to her hostel in Fulham to meet Aminda; who was relaxing on a sofa after her morning shoot. It was a shame I could only stay a few minutes before I had to make my way home. I made it all the way home before realising two photographers, who'd spent 8 hours talking photography, didn't take a single selfie together.

I had an amazing day with Alix, talking about our businesses, styles, homes and dreams. I've decided I need to go travelling again. Okay sure, I know I don't need an epiphany to figure that one out. But I'm desperate to tour the USA and meet so many more of the photographers who inspire me every day. The world can come next. But who knows when I'll be able to afford that haha. Keep up the inspiring work Alix!

See Alix's work on her website here.