Cannock Chase

Models: Kristina Nikitina, Ella Ruth, Michael Savage, Anna Petterle
Photography: Matthew Thompson
Place - Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

Following on from my 'Entangled' post, where I shared two very different, conceptual shots of a naked, entangled Michael in a forest of red, I thought I'd share the full collection from the day.

Kristina, Ella, Michael and Anna were truly outstanding models. Our day in Cannock was one overflowing with creativity, passion and imagination. For the first hour I barely captured a single photo. I was caught up, mesmerised by those surrounding me. I honestly couldn't think. I was watching Sam Goodridge pose Kristina, while David Hyde meticulously planned every frame with Siyana Kasabova, and just transfixed. I won't lie, there was some self doubt. What was I doing here with such amazing photographers and models? Will they judge me if I get everything wrong? Why can't I think of any poses... let alone conceptual scenes?!

I settled down after a while, soaking and slipping my bare feet in the icy stream - wondering how Siyana had been calmly posing in it for so long. Then, I had Kristina in front of me. My brain began to gear up. My camera trigger finger got itchy. I was back. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you will understand why.

The rest of the day flew by. A picnic fit for kings was laid out by everyone, with home-made culinary classics from all over the world. Ella, Kristina and I defied gravity by climbing some trees in the name of art.

Michael's smoke bombs doused the forest in a beautiful, etherial, intoxicating (for Michael) haze. Ella and I had the same idea at the same time, but captured it in two completely different ways simultaneously. Check out the 12th and 13th images below, and then Ella's gorgeous picture on Flickr. Same scene, same opportunity, two very different looks.

Kristina was prepared with mystical, magical particles that created a wonderland where they lay, transforming the world and its inhabitants into a fantasy fit for C.S. Lewis. Okay, it was talcum powder. And it was awesome. Even I was drafted in to model for a couple of hours, topless, emblazoned with baby powder and adorned with leaves. I can't wait to see the images from Michael, Bristy and David.

We managed to grasp every ounce of the setting sun we could, pushing the ISOs into the glowing clouds. The day ended far sooner than it should have. There was so much more to discover. So much more to create. We all parted ways at Birmingham, after a brief train ride full of cameras and cookies. It days like that I can get used to. The ones where I'm the most inspired. The happiest. The ones where you forget everything about the world, except the one you create, and who you create it with. 

Enjoy the collection below, and I highly recommend you check out some behind-the-scenes pictures in my '#LGCcannock' post, and on my Facebook. If you'd like to join us on the next meet up, leave a comment or drop me a message, and I'll keep you updated. Have a wonderful evening.

A massive thank you to everyone who was there, including Ella Ruth and Michael Savage for organising the event. Please, check out everyone's work and give them a like or follow! Don't forget the check out the behind-the-scenes, and see my conceptual Entangled pictures.

Kristina Nikitina / Siyana Kasabova / Sam Goodridge / Ana Isabel / Anna Petterle / Bristy Chowdhyry / David Hyde / Shaheen Razzaq / Jay Dadlani