Circus Zyair

Last week I was kindly invited to watch the Circus Zyair. And it was spectacular!

My recent photographs of Campbell Park in The Heart of Milton Keynes caught the eye of the circus, and I couldn't pass up the offer of watching the show and taking some more. I couldn't resist bringing the drone to capture some spectacular aerial night shots of the tent, complete with Xscape, the Theatre and central Milton Keynes in the background.

I were blown away by the show, and wholeheartedly recommend it! From the death defying stunts, to immense skill on show, and the first funny clown we've seen in a very long time, it was a tremendously fun and memorable evening.

Photographed using Nikon D750 and Inspire 1 X3.


Behind the scenes

Once the fantastic show finished, we were all too pleased to give the performers a show of our own. After gathering permissions from Circus Zyair and The Parks Trust, we were clear to take some night photographs of the tent. As the mercury dropped and our toes froze, the performers huddled around us and the remote screen to watch the aerial perspective of their illuminated tent. Considering the temperature, wind and 1-3 second exposures, we were all very impressed with the results.