Life is about trying new things, isn't it? Break free, take a chance, and just run with it?

That's how I ended up in Cannock Chase last weekend with a bunch of utterly inspiring photographers, for a day of picnics and photos. Some I had met at the Green Park Gathering a few weeks prior, and some I hadn't. All of them were bursting with creativity.

I've missed working on conceptual images. Pictures that make you look twice, scream an emotion, and tell a story. I guess my scientific brain holds me back a bit, questioning why I would bother wrapping a naked guy I had pretty much just met, in red string in the middle of the woods? Who would want to see that? Why? What purpose would it have?

But really, does art need a purpose? Can't art just be appreciated? Allowed to be interpreted by a million different minds (should I be so lucky)? Allow, encourage and spring-load our imaginations to run free, concocting an endless swirl of backstory, emotion and circumstance?

I've been asked what these images mean. At first, I didn't have an answer. What started out as an idea, inevitably and organically morphed into the pictures you see below. The more I look at it, more I see.

I now see the subject is me. I'm stuck...trapped...entangled...by my environment and so many elements and intricacies in my life, holding me back from what I perceive to be safe, warm and...happy. Funnily enough, that shelter would be the chance to produce pictures like this every day.

That's what I see. Do you relate, or do you see something else?

 I hope to build on this reclaimed love with a lot more stories and conceptual styles. Look out for the blog about the Cannock Chase meet up, where I'll throw in a few more. Look out of the #LGCcannock hashtag to find pictures from the other photographers on the day. Fellow Flickrites, don't forget to follow me!

Thank you very much to Michael Savage for modelling, and Bristy Chowdhury for the string.