Fashion at Keele

Inspired from my experiences working with Chris Davis (Specular) and Felix Kunze last summer, I really wanted to put together a Keele Fashion Week this year. Unfortunately life and masters degrees got in the way, but KeeleSU thankfully decided it was time to bring London Fashion Week to our little bubble. But alas, thanks to my masters, I can't make the show. Typical.

The sun was shining last Thursday morning, as the Facebook-recruited models tried on their outfits from suppliers across the world. The range of styles was fantastic; from ethically produced products to clothes produced by one girl in her bedroom. We made our way to the shade of Keele lakes and woods, where we spent four hours photographing all twelve models. 

My best friend was a reflector that day; bouncing the blinding sun back onto our gorgeous models. Eventually we moved to the lakes where the water gave a beautiful backdrop, and some sweet relief from the heat to Kimmy and Matt who fancied a paddle. One last location change to the Clockhouse was needed before I ran to a lecture, but we managed to get all the models and looks captured in time. 

So now I've spent the last few days procrastinating real uni work, and retouching these photos, but I hope you'll agree with me by saying it was totally worth it! Leave a comment below with your thoughts.