Forever:Keele, Forever:Busy

If you hadn't guessed from my blog already, my life has the beautiful knack of getting very hectic, very quickly. Now is one of those times. I won't bore you with the details, but exams, study trips, interviews, cross-country trips and not forgetting Woodstoke, are all coming up in the next few weeks. In fact, I should be revising for my branding exam tomorrow but... it's not going well. This post is brought to you at 1.30am, so please forgive my ramblings.

133/365 In Print

I've had these Forever:Keele magazines, emblazoned with one of my most well known images, sitting on my desk for a few days now. I'm very proud, and it's a shame it's taken me this long to record it in a photo, but that's exactly what I'm getting at! I'm going to do my best to continue updating my Facebook page, this blog and my 365 project over the next few weeks, but it's going to be tough!

I absolutely love seeing my images in print, especially on the front and  back cover of a magazine sent to thousands of Keele alumni! I really don't print enough of my images...or any really for that matter. But it's one of my major photography goals - to grace a popular magazine cover. Sure, that's not very specific. By popular, I could mean Vogue! Now that would be awesome. I'll make it one day. I have no idea how, but I will. In amongst the craziness of now however, the cover of Forever:Keele will do me very nicely!