I'm coming back

Sadly, the last six months haven't panned out how I expected. Sure, I finished studying at Keele in October... that much I knew would happen. But I haven't been able to land that awesome, high flying graduate job I'd hoped for. In fact, I've not managed to land anything except a christmas stint at John Lewis. And despite so much 'free time' while furiously job hunting, I've not been on a photoshoot since last August. So many changes just threw me for six. My inspiration dried up, frustration kicked in and loneliness engulfed me. It hasn't been a good time.

But that's about to change. I'm coming back.

I'm dusting off the camera for a fashion shoot with a fantastic model on Sunday, and am right now in the throngs of trying to recruit a makeup artist. Start as you mean to go on, eh? Then I'm off to The Photography Show on Monday, to see what it's all about and also meet two of my favourite creatives: Lauri Laukkanen and Jen Brook. They'll be shooting the latest image of Jen's 'dreamcatcher' project, which is surely going to be stunning and awe inspiring!

Then I'm back to Keele later in the week for this year's sustainability fashion shoot! I had my first taste of fashion photography, outside of assisting the real pros, at this shoot last year. I wrote about it in my blog here. This time around, I have eight student models and Keele Hall to myself. Aren't I lucky? Apparently there's heaps of amazing clothing and accessories, all kindly donated from around the world - most notably 'Mudd and Water' and 'Nomads'. Can't wait!

I'd love to say this was the start of a beautiful adventure, where I follow my passion and earn mega bucks from travelling the world photographing gorgeous people in amazing places. Unfortunately I have the minor inconveniences of massive loan debts from studying a degree and masters. So I need to find a 'real' job. One that can pay off my loans, and buy me some delectable camera gear and plane tickets in the process. There's always time. As for the meanwhile, I'm just happy my inspiration and love for photography is getting a jump-start again.