Jordan Zoe Wellard

Start as you mean to go on. 2015 has got off to a tremendous start with an epic couple of weeks in Mexico with Kristina, promising many pictures to come soon. But just before 2014 drew to a close, one month ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the awesome Jordan Zoe Wellard.

We'd planned on working together for a while. In fact, a few hours after our plans fell through at the beginning of August last year, I ended up in London at a  fine art nude photography workshop with Jordan Ebbitt.

The allure of abandoned locations, however sometimes cliched, drew us in. Jordan, as a keen urban explorer, had promised to introduce me to some of the lesser seen sights of the last few years. My mind was awash with pictures from inspirational photographers; namely Tim Walker and Luke Woodford

My hometown, Milton Keynes, is one of the newest towns in the UK. Only 50 years old or so. Ruined and abandoned buildings are few and far between. We found a few potential places, but ever the prepared, we only found our target a few hours before we'd agreed to meet: Stewartby Brickworks.

Once the world's biggest brickworks, producing over 500 million bricks a year, it is now sadly a shell of its former glory. Ironically bricked and boarded up, surrounded by a somewhat permeable metal fence, only four of the original 23 chimneys and two kilns remain. It still stands to be an impressive sight.

By the time we turned up, it was already a race against the sunset. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, the light was fantastic. I just wish there was more of it. But it was a great chance to put my brand new and gorgeous Nikon D750 to the test, and wow, did it deliver?! I'd only received that beautiful black hunk of Nikon a few days prior, and this was its first rodeo. The quality and dynamic range captured is just spectacular. After 8 years of shooting crop-sensored SLR cameras (Nikon D50 and D7000), my long awaited jump to full-frame was explosive. Sunsets and shadows are captured in such amazing can see for yourself below.

Jordan was amazing to photograph. And an absolute trooper, running around the brickworks and wearing that dress in barely-above-freezing December. Beneath her striking beauty, is an inspiring persona who drives monster trucks and manages international band tours. How cool is she? I can't wait to work with her again soon.

What do you think of Jordan and the brickworks? Leave a comment below!