Kew Gardens

One sunny October afternoon saw my first visit to Kew Gardens in Richmond, London - a modern day eden filled with some positively beautiful plants and buildings. How very British it is. I was joined by Kristina, Nadia and Evie Parazite on this horticultural quest; the latter two being fantastic photographers too.

The sun was low in the sky by the time we arrived, so we didn't have long to explore. Student habits of getting up late on your days off die hard it seems. As summer was already dying well away, typical English greens and browns dominated the park. That didn't stop the oriental displays from looking spectacular, and the great greenhouses from enticing us in for the remainder of golden hour. Even the skeletal greenhouse undergoing renovations stood proudly with its architectural intricacies laid bare. Sadly its locked doors prevented us from exploring further than our faces pressed against the window.

Nevertheless, one tropical greenhouse beckoned and held us in mesmerising captivity for the better part of an hour. The golden sunset light bursting through the walls of glass, filtering through the miniature jungle, was our fix. You see, we photographers are addicted to amazing light. We love it. We need it. And oh the balconies...the was just too perfect. Kristina was all too happy to be photographed, as we dodged and ducked out of the way of the rest of the public enjoying the show. I couldn't help but turn my camera on Evie either. I wish we had all day in there. 

Soon the sun dipped beneath the horizon, and my trusty D7000's ISO could go no higher. It was time to run for the exit before they locked us in for the night. If I had my flash, I wouldn't have been too disappointed. I guess I'll have to come back again soon.