Kristina Nikitina

Model: Kristina Nikitina / Photography: Matthew Thompson.

On a gorgeous August evening, photographers from all over the UK descended on Green Park in London. Organised by the inspirational Brooke Shaden, who flew all the way from the USA, we chatted and photographed until the sun went down...and then some of us got cake. 

Thankfully a few kindly offered themselves as models, for the rest of us vulture-like photographers - one of which was Kristina. She was a beautiful model, donning a ripped dress Brooke had brought with her, who wasn't phased in the slightest by twenty-something cameras pointed at her, as she posed in the dry, summer grass. I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to work with her again soon.

A post about the meetup will be coming in the next few days, including links to all the awesome photographers I met, but I wanted to share the images from this impromptu yet serenely gorgeous collection. I hope you enjoy.