A lot has happened here in the last few weeks. Much more than I can surmise on this blog in any way that is informative or even interesting. I have a few weeks worth of awesomeness to catch up on and tell you all about, so here's the first one.

A few weeks ago, twelve of us from the Green Park Gathering descended on Cannock Chase, nestled in the heart of Staffordshire. Hosted by the wonderful Ella Ruth and Michael Savage, a beautiful day unfolded. Picnics and food from around the world filled our bellies, helping to ease the warmth back into our toes after we explored the freezing streams. We escaped reality by climbing trees, creating clouds of talcum powder, and releasing smoke bombs. The real world seemed ever so far away as we simply dropped our heavy bags where we saw an awesome scene, and got to work creating the surreal world we as creatives live in.

The ever wonderful Kristina Nikitina, Siyana Kasabova and Anna Petterle were our resident models, with the rest of us taking it in turns to experiment on the other side of each other's cameras. I had the pleasure of stepping in front of the lens for David Hyde, Michael Savage and Bristy Chowdhury. I can't wait to see all the pictures. Check out a few behind-the-scenes of my own below (click any to see full screen).

I love days like this. The ones you think...wish will never end. I swear, every day I *am* a photographer, is some of the best of my life. I cherish every chance to meet such incredible, creative, passionate people who are absolute inspirations, and not to mention just downright lovely.

My final collection from #LGCcannock is in the next blog...so hop on over. You can check out all the pictures of me taken by the others, in this Facebook album... www.bit.ly/myphotographylife