Looking back

101/365 Looking back.

A retro photo with two faces - looking back on the 100 images so far in this project, while also looking forward to the 264 ahead (as I wear my new branded shirt).

101 photos have gone by so fast! I can't believe it's already April, and I'm especially awestruck that I've managed to keep it going this far! Besides writing my daily diary in Fiji, I've never managed to maintain a project for so long.

It's definitely been one of the most worthwhile, and hardest projects I've ever done - and I'm close to finishing my Masters! The discipline to ensure I'm always looking for that new, relavent 'photo of the day', has meant me never leaving the house without my camera. Some days I stress myself out looking for that one image. But as a result, I don't think my photographs have ever looked stronger! It's pushed me to learn so much more, at a faster pace than I've ever experienced. I finally feel as if I have a style and direction in my photography, and I'm so excited to build on that over the rest of 2013.

I've photographed studio documentary projects, stylised portrait shoots, marketing promotions, general reportage, nightclub events and who knows how many individual portraits!  I've learnt and adopted exciting new methods that I'm still waiting for more chances to try, and transformed my business into a brand that I'm exceptionally proud of. I'm so psyched to have discovered the joy of conceptual photography, a style I always looked at from afar with caution before this project.

It's pushed me to try new things every day in an effort to keep things 'fresh'. I've discovered other amazing photographers who I've travelled this great journey with. It's made me more confident, and more skeptical about my photography than ever before. If you are interested in photography, I wholeheartedly recommend joining me on the 365 days of awesome. I hope you're enjoying the project, as much as I've had completing it! Leave a comment below with any thoughts :) Cheers!