New Sights on the Horizon

It's been a crazy ol' week, which has been a refreshing change from the daily monotony that comes bundled with my management consultancy internship. My, I guess you can call it 'trigger finger', has been itching to shoot some new photos for weeks, and I finally got my chance last weekend! Say hello to the newest member of the Thompson clan - Daisy (the white pooch). An older, abandoned stray my animal-loving mum just had to pull over and take home, has now joined Honey and Polly as the ying to their yang. She's adorable!

Issy has been here for a whole week now. We've not found time to shoot anything besides a few iPhone selfies yet, but I'm sure we'll get around to it soon. After 2 months apart, it's just awesome to eat dinner and watch some Family Guy with someone else *cue lonely music*. We've a few ideas in mind, which will hopefully look pretty spectacular.

Perhaps I'll use it as practise for a project I have lined up for later this year with Keele University Marketing. We had a great chat earlier today, that looks like I'll be working with them closer than ever - ironic considering I'm now leaving. For those of you around Keele, or maybe not, you should hopefully see far more of my photos soon.

Now, unfortunately what I have planned with Keele isn't where I ultimately end up photography-wise. As excited as I am for that project, the vision I have for 5 years time is ultimately crazy, yet phenomenal. After bouncing across the spectrum of the shutterbug universe, I finally feel like I have a niche I can focus on. I now know what kind of photographer I want to be. How incredible is that?! It's a freakin' challenge, but that makes it that little bit more delicious.

I want, scratch that, am a photographer. That's a given that I established in 'I love being a creative', and reinforced with the knights of Gondor by my corporate internship. I can't be contained by four walls in an office or lab. I have new sights on the horizon, and I can't wait to take my first steps towards them.

Now why haven't I told you what I want to be? Because I'm taking you along for the ride. Hang on.