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Apologies for disappearing

Wow life has been crazy!! Even more so than usual! It's been almost a month since I blogged, and there's nothing I can say except sorry. I could easily natter on about everything I've been up to, but I'll try to keep this short and sweet so I actually post it before next week!

First off, exams! Dissertation proposals and two exams were probably the death of me, this blog and my 365 project. From that point, things were looking down. I was simply too busy and too tired to keep on top of my photography, when my final educational exams drew near. Thankfully I think they went well! Two days after the last exam finished, I was whisked away to the back-end of nowhere on a business and creativity module trip, where I guttingly couldn't bring my camera. Oh how I wish I had it! The views from the rock climbs and scenery surrounding the camp were gorgeous, especially at sunset. There were so many opportunities for brilliant images over that exhausting week, that I just couldn't take advantage of. Not to mention, it pushed me even further back on my 365 days of awesome! Thankfully I wasn't photographing Woodstoke, like I did last year, the day I returned - I was absolutely shattered. But that didn't stop me journeying to Plymouth for my uncle's wedding two days later! Of course my camera was out for that!

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120 days of awesome

Finally some precious rest and recuperation. As awesome as Keele University is, I relished that month at home in Milton Keynes. The absurd amounts of sleep, and days sat in coffee shops gave me the chance to look at my photography with fresh eyes, and plan some pretty sweet projects for when I came back to 'The Bubble'.

You may have noticed the lack of concepts, and lots of photos of my dogs and family. Truth be told, I left my tripod/remote at Uni which ruled out self-portraits and lack of a car limited where I could explore. Hopefully you all didn't mind some cute images of Honey and Polly in the meanwhile!

There were three days that stood out; days 104, 109 and 117.


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Looking back

101 photos have gone by so fast! I can't believe it's already April, and I'm especially awestruck that I've managed to keep it going this far! Besides writing my daily diary in Fiji, I've never managed to maintain a project for so long.

It's definitely been one of the most worthwhile, and hardest projects I've ever done - and I'm close to finishing my Masters! The discipline to ensure I'm always looking for that new, relavent 'photo of the day', has meant me never leaving the house without my camera. Some days I stress myself out looking for that one image. But as a result, I don't think my photographs have ever looked stronger! It's pushed me to learn so much more, at a faster pace than I've ever experienced. I finally feel as if I have a style and direction in my photography, and I'm so excited to build on that over the rest of 2013.

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A good deed

I love being a photographer. It's little moments like creating todays photo, that make me proud to call myself one too. If you didn't know already, I'm pretty nostalgic and sentimental, which is probably a big reason why I became interested in cameras. I love looking back at old photos and remembering the good times of the past; don't you?

I was in a supermarket earlier today, packing the bag, when I saw Graham with his new baby boy.

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90 days of awesome

Somehow, by the grace of Nikon, I've survived March which was even busier than February! Coming into this month, I knew my university deadlines would pose a challenge; and they didn't disappoint. For those of you who don't know, I'm studying for an MA in International Business, which takes up a lot of my time and sleepless nights. You'd think after four years at university, and over 60 assignments, I'd have learnt to start writing more than 48hrs before the deadline. Apparently not. Still, that hasn't stopped my photography alongside the occasional race against time.

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59 days of awesome

February has been a crazy yet awesome month! I've been meaning to write more entries, but life has an annoying habit of getting in the way. I can ecstatically say that my photography is really taking off, with more commissioned work around Keele campus than ever. Only down side is that most jobs aren't as creative as I'd like them to be, but I'm hoping I can change that in time! Also, this epic website is just over 1 month old and already had over 3000 hits! Thats incredible! *high five!* Anyway, what've I been up to?

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31 days of awesome

January is over, and I've completed 31 of my 365 days of awesome (see the album here!) It's already starting to get tough, but I'm loving it! I started the project to push myself to create more images, and capture a memory from each day that I can look back on. That's why the first week was dominated with art showing my feelings of stress over essays and exams here at uni (masters is hard!). Although ecstatic with those images, I think I set the bar quite high! It's been a challenge to match the quality since; but a challenge I want to sink my teeth into! Unfortunately not every day is filled with adrenaline, indulgent happiness or, thankfully, stress, which is why it's sometimes hard to produce equally emotive images.

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