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Specular & Kryolan

Way back on the 8th August 2012, I assisted the awesome Chris Davis (AKA Specular) on his shoot with Kryolan, a massive professional make-up manufacturer. On hand to create their 2013 Trend Look, was Chris (photographer), Charlotte Girdwood (model), Lan Nguyen-Grealis (make up), Joey Bevan (stylist) and a few others; including me photographing behind-the-scenes.

This was a far cry from the previous two shoots I'd assisted Chris on. It was a much bigger team with a definite direction, prepared in the basement and shot on the floor of a top make-up shop in Covent Garden, London. It was fascinating watching this process, as I'd only seen male model shoots before; the care and decision making going into creating Charlotte's look was phenomenal. Joey was a great laugh as always, and Chris produced some beautiful images that I'd have been proud to show in my portfolio straight off his camera! 

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