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Forever:Keele, Forever:Busy

If you hadn't guessed from my blog already, my life has the beautiful knack of getting very hectic, very quickly. Now is one of those times. I won't bore you with the details, but exams, study trips, interviews, cross-country trips and not forgetting Woodstoke, are all coming up in the next few weeks. In fact, I should be revising for my branding exam tomorrow but... it's not going well. This post is brought to you at 1.30am, so please forgive my ramblings.

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Fashion at Keele

Inspired from my experiences working with Chris Davis (Specular) and Felix Kunze last summer, I really wanted to put together a Keele Fashion Week this year. Unfortunately life and masters degrees got in the way, but KeeleSU thankfully decided it was time to bring London Fashion Week to our little bubble. But alas, thanks to my masters, I can't make the show. Typical.

The sun was shining last Thursday morning, as the Facebook-recruited models tried on their outfits from suppliers across the world. The range of styles was fantastic; from ethically produced products to clothes produced by one girl in her bedroom. We made our way to the shade of Keele lakes and woods, where we spent four hours photographing all twelve models. 

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120 days of awesome

Finally some precious rest and recuperation. As awesome as Keele University is, I relished that month at home in Milton Keynes. The absurd amounts of sleep, and days sat in coffee shops gave me the chance to look at my photography with fresh eyes, and plan some pretty sweet projects for when I came back to 'The Bubble'.

You may have noticed the lack of concepts, and lots of photos of my dogs and family. Truth be told, I left my tripod/remote at Uni which ruled out self-portraits and lack of a car limited where I could explore. Hopefully you all didn't mind some cute images of Honey and Polly in the meanwhile!

There were three days that stood out; days 104, 109 and 117.


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90 days of awesome

Somehow, by the grace of Nikon, I've survived March which was even busier than February! Coming into this month, I knew my university deadlines would pose a challenge; and they didn't disappoint. For those of you who don't know, I'm studying for an MA in International Business, which takes up a lot of my time and sleepless nights. You'd think after four years at university, and over 60 assignments, I'd have learnt to start writing more than 48hrs before the deadline. Apparently not. Still, that hasn't stopped my photography alongside the occasional race against time.

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My Tattoo Project

I am so psyched about my latest project! Monday saw my first studio session with not one, not two, but fourteen models! I've assisted on both fellow students, and internationally published photographers' studio shoots, but this was my first time to direct. It went awesomely!

I'm personally fascinated by tattoos, by both the designs people choose and why they have them. Personally I have a tiny manta ray on my right foot for nostalgic reasons, which I had inked a few hours before I flew home from 10 weeks in Fiji (long story for another day). With thousands of potential models around my university, I thought I could put together an epic collection of images showcasing young people with their body art. As they're still students, they could end up anywhere, doing anything.

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59 days of awesome

February has been a crazy yet awesome month! I've been meaning to write more entries, but life has an annoying habit of getting in the way. I can ecstatically say that my photography is really taking off, with more commissioned work around Keele campus than ever. Only down side is that most jobs aren't as creative as I'd like them to be, but I'm hoping I can change that in time! Also, this epic website is just over 1 month old and already had over 3000 hits! Thats incredible! *high five!* Anyway, what've I been up to?

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