University: A Summary

Like many other photographers, I'm notoriously awful at printing my photos. How could I possibly decide, out of the tens of thousands on my hard drive, which images to spend my hard cash printing out? I made a great, and treasured, photo book after my first year of university. I planned on doing one for each year of my student life. Funny how I just never got round to it again.

My bedroom walls at home have also laid bare since I arrived back two months ago. Well, besides two Ikea filmstrips holding a few frames from my first year at Keele - over 3 years ago. It's probably time for a change.

So I started there. But first, after four years, it was finally time to go back through over 15,000 images of life at Keele, and summarise my life as a student.

14 slots meant 3 photos a year, and 2 for graduations. Not every image chosen is a masterpiece, but each means a lot to me. From the very first day, to the last weeks holed up in the library at 3am. The final space is saved for my MA graduation.

Looking back, those were the easily best four years of my life. I made some incredible friends and did amazing things. I could easily regale this blog with many stories, anecdotes and emotions, but I'll restrain myself. I thought you may like to see the images I chose though. The next mission - fill the remaining space with framed prints!

Are you terrible with printing your photos? Do you have a timeline on your wall (not Facebook)? Why not leave a comment after the photos.