Wayback Wednesday

I'm sadly stuck in a photographic dry spell, having not picked up my trusty Nikon in months. I've decided to share some older photos to rekindle my passion, and show the journey I've taken, each wednesday.

If you are a photographer, what was the first image you captured that made you realise 'hey, I'm pretty good at this'? For me, it was this one.

Casio QV-R61. 1/160s. f2.8. ISO unknown.

Sure, it's nothing like my images today. And instead of a heavy, complicated dSLR, it was from an old 6mp Casio(!) QV-R61. That little beauty was my grand entrance into the world of photography - like walking through the doors of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I still remember the date - the 5th May 2006. I already think...what a long way I've come. But I know there's still so much more go.