Welcome to the 'real world'

The real world has hit me harder than Muhammad Ali high on Red Bull. I've finally left Keele University after 4 years of BSc's, MA's, independence, partying, SnapShot, and many great friends. I now have a BSc in Forensic Science & Human Biology, and an MA in International Business, to my name. That's pretty sweet, and something I'll probably blog about later.

Being home has been tough! Coming back to my small bedroom with no money and sky high dreams, is one way to quickly bring yourself crashing straight down to earth. I'd love to be a photographer full time, and now would be the perfect opportunity. At least, it would have been if I hadn't built up so much debt from my Masters, while solidifying this dream. I'm back to square one here in Milton Keynes.

I hate to start something if I know I can't give it my all. While I search for careers that can make the most of my degrees, I'm struggling to dedicate myself to my passion - I guess through fear that if I get the ball rolling, I'd have to let it go. Aside from my Masters taking over my life this summer, it's this fear that has held me back from producing new photography. I hate this feeling.

But on a brighter note, I've actually finished my Masters!! That 55 page behemoth in my hands, is the fruition of a year of studying business - where I learnt more from developing MGThompson Photography than I ever did in the classroom. Watching me build my business through 2013 has been Issy, my ever patient blogger girlfriend, who has now returned to Keele to continue living the dream. It's been hard watching her live the Keele life without me so far, but it's just brilliant to watch someone else grow through and enjoy the experience I cherish. Last week, those guys I grew up at Keele with were reunited for the first time in months too. It's good to know we won't be letting time slip away that quickly again, anytime soon.

And don't worry, I haven't  abandoned my love of photography.  As difficult as it is finding contacts and arranging photoshoots at the moment, I still found time to assist the awesome Felix Kunze on a celebrity shoot in London. I live for those exhausting yet great days!

So what's next? After making it to the final rounds for two awesome jobs, I'm still looking for new and amazing opportunities. In the meanwhile, the Keele SPEED Plus workshops are going to help me continue building my business. It's going to be an interesting few months! Watch this space.  


 What've you been up to over the last few months?
Are you a graduate? How have you found adjusting to the 'real world'? Good luck to you if so!!