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Forever:Keele, Forever:Busy

If you hadn't guessed from my blog already, my life has the beautiful knack of getting very hectic, very quickly. Now is one of those times. I won't bore you with the details, but exams, study trips, interviews, cross-country trips and not forgetting Woodstoke, are all coming up in the next few weeks. In fact, I should be revising for my branding exam tomorrow but... it's not going well. This post is brought to you at 1.30am, so please forgive my ramblings.

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My Tattoo Project

I am so psyched about my latest project! Monday saw my first studio session with not one, not two, but fourteen models! I've assisted on both fellow students, and internationally published photographers' studio shoots, but this was my first time to direct. It went awesomely!

I'm personally fascinated by tattoos, by both the designs people choose and why they have them. Personally I have a tiny manta ray on my right foot for nostalgic reasons, which I had inked a few hours before I flew home from 10 weeks in Fiji (long story for another day). With thousands of potential models around my university, I thought I could put together an epic collection of images showcasing young people with their body art. As they're still students, they could end up anywhere, doing anything.

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Specular & Kryolan

Way back on the 8th August 2012, I assisted the awesome Chris Davis (AKA Specular) on his shoot with Kryolan, a massive professional make-up manufacturer. On hand to create their 2013 Trend Look, was Chris (photographer), Charlotte Girdwood (model), Lan Nguyen-Grealis (make up), Joey Bevan (stylist) and a few others; including me photographing behind-the-scenes.

This was a far cry from the previous two shoots I'd assisted Chris on. It was a much bigger team with a definite direction, prepared in the basement and shot on the floor of a top make-up shop in Covent Garden, London. It was fascinating watching this process, as I'd only seen male model shoots before; the care and decision making going into creating Charlotte's look was phenomenal. Joey was a great laugh as always, and Chris produced some beautiful images that I'd have been proud to show in my portfolio straight off his camera! 

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Other side of the lens

Its strange being on the other side of the lens! My mate Abz and I were down Keele woods yesterday, attempting to take a decent portrait of me for my website. Easier said than done, with the light fading fast and Abz having to quickly adapt to my camera. But we did it, literally chasing the light as it moved between trees. Abz is an awesome photographer, who I can always count on to deliver fantastic photos, and help me teach at Keele SnapShot. I owe him a lot! He has a brilliant wedding and travel portfolio, which you can find here, so please check him out!

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