Hi, I'm Matthew

I'm a portrait & underwater photographer.

I believe in experiencing everything life has to offer. Why hold back?

People and faces fascinate me. As does the breadth of beauty hidden around the world and under water. 

I've always been more of a scientist than a sculptor. In fact, I’m a medical student by day. Rather than create new worlds to inhabit, I set out to observe and capture the one around me and its people in the most spectacular way.

I drive, scuba dive and fly drones to help me capture every angle and story of this remarkable planet.

Coventry is my home, but I travel across the UK and internationally whenever I get the chance.

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Matt is an incredible photographer - a fountain of creative energy! For him sky is not the limit and with every shoot he pushes himself further, exploring new locations, styles and ways to photograph. We have shot together numerous times, and each time felt like a little adventure. He is the sweetest guy and is incredibly easy and fun to work with, and at the end you are always guaranteed to have some stunning results, as he just wouldn’t settle for less! Can’t recommend enough!
— Kristina Nikitina
I have done 2 shoots with Matt now and both have been so much fun! Since the first shoot I would say Matt has definitely become a friend and not just a photographer! He will go to any length to get the perfect shot, he is a massive perfectionist but is incredibly polite about it and it actually gives a great sense of trust in the images he is capturing! He gives great direction and I have fallen in love with the photos from both of our shoots - baring in mind I rarely like a picture of myself he has by far done the best job at capturing me out of all the photographers I have worked with. He is very adventurous, as am I so getting cold, wet, muddy, scratched up or even arrested... (abandoned brickworks shoot!) are all overlooked to get amazing pictures! I could go on about how great of a photographer Matt is all day but I think I have said enough with this. Basically - he’s awesome and anyone would be lucky to work with him!
— Jordan Wellard
I shot with Matt this weekend, an underwater shoot in my mum’s (unheated, outdoor) pool. We met a few weeks back to discuss plans and got along really well, Matt is a lovely friendly guy and very passionate about his work. On the shoot, he gave good direction and shared the pain of immersion in a pool which was, by any measure, frickin’ freezing! I haven’t shot underwater before but Matt was very patient with me and gave me tips to help make it look less like I’m drowning, and rescued me when the chiffon tangled round my legs and arms and I nearly sank - hopefully at least a couple of images come out great! Definitely recommend Matt to other models, he’s great company and totally professional.
— Em Theresa




Coventry, Warwickshire, UK