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Apologies for disappearing

Wow life has been crazy!! Even more so than usual! It's been almost a month since I blogged, and there's nothing I can say except sorry. I could easily natter on about everything I've been up to, but I'll try to keep this short and sweet so I actually post it before next week!

First off, exams! Dissertation proposals and two exams were probably the death of me, this blog and my 365 project. From that point, things were looking down. I was simply too busy and too tired to keep on top of my photography, when my final educational exams drew near. Thankfully I think they went well! Two days after the last exam finished, I was whisked away to the back-end of nowhere on a business and creativity module trip, where I guttingly couldn't bring my camera. Oh how I wish I had it! The views from the rock climbs and scenery surrounding the camp were gorgeous, especially at sunset. There were so many opportunities for brilliant images over that exhausting week, that I just couldn't take advantage of. Not to mention, it pushed me even further back on my 365 days of awesome! Thankfully I wasn't photographing Woodstoke, like I did last year, the day I returned - I was absolutely shattered. But that didn't stop me journeying to Plymouth for my uncle's wedding two days later! Of course my camera was out for that!

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Silver Linings

Every rejection letter has a silver lining. Earlier this week I received the dreaded email - the one saying the company you’ve spent hours applying for, has ‘reluctantly’ decided not to proceed with your application. Of course, my heart sank when I read those words. I’d spent hours, days, researching the firm and how to do my very best during the previous day’s phone interview. That’s not to mention my science degree and business masters I’m currently studying for. But alas it appears that this, along with all my other credentials and experience, was not enough for a Big 4 firm. Sod ‘em.

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